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The Healing Triad

The healing triad is focused on three essential pillars in the healing process

Shadow-work: A spiritual healing practice that helps you to heal and transform by deeply deconstructing past trauma, limiting beliefs, and forced ways of thinking. This work focuses on identity and authenticity, helping to identify any cages of identity that may have created profound limitations in your self-view and self-beliefs. With Shadow-work, you can start to create a life that is free of those limitations and in alignment with your highest potential.


Edifying Identity: After you deconstruct the former foundation of identity and then edify self-image we help rebuild your identity and foundation of self-esteem.  It isn't enough to clear the limiting beliefs and trauma; we must fill those places we just emptied with self-belief, trust, and love so that you can feel confident and authentic while standing firmly in your power.


Spiritual Intelligence: An important part of spiritual healing, it is a form of intelligence has not  been taught or valued in the same way as other forms of intelligence, yet its value is immeasurable. It gives us the ability to navigate the world with an understanding that goes beyond the physical realm, allowing us to align ourselves with energies that are similar to our own. With spiritual intelligence, we can make more powerful, informed decisions that lead to greater spiritual healing.  Spiritual intelligence is something that we can all benefit from, even if we are not looking to specifically "tap into" our spiritual gifts.  


How I deliver this healing

Through online coaching or remote energy work  (curse/hex, breaking & entity removals)


Group Work
Through online group coaching available through enrollment in the Shadow Work Course


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