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Treatment Options

Most services can be completed in person or remotely- please contact me with any questions

Shamanic Reading- REMOTE ONLY-60 min: This is not a traditional reading.  This reading is focused on uncovering any blockages, stagnant energy or past trauma/repressed emotions that are keeping the client out of alignment with their highest good.  These are always cold readings, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the future and pass on any messages and guidance from spirit.  

Soul Counseling-REMOTE ONLY-60 min: This is for anyone needing guidance on how to use your gifts, your path, or need help connecting with your guides and self, this is not a reading but I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the future and pass on any messages and guidance from spirit.  

Chakra Balancing and clearing- 30 min: This is a short service that is meant to be an energetic tune up.  During the session an energetic reading of each chakra will be taken and then each chakra will be cleared of stagnant energy and rebalanced so that they are all equally open and allowing energy to flow.  Can be an add on to a massage.


Cord Cutting- 60 min: This is a short service not focusing on the overall energy of the client, but instead focusing exclusively on removing any energy and attachments that are not serving the client.  This is more intense than the chakra balancing and is great for people who have just ended relationships in any form.  


Crystal Healing- 90 min: This is by far my most popular service.  This service starts with an in depth reading, it includes chakra balancing and cord cutting.  The reading serves to bring the energy to the surface that needs to be healed and then healing and sealing the auric field with the  use of crystals, herbal remedies and sound therapy.  This is pretty profound healing and includes deep tissue body work.  


Soul Trauma Energy work- 60 min This treatment is reading focused and not body work focused.  Can be added to a massage in which case this would come first and a deep tissue massage after.  Can only be purchased as a package of three sessions (minimum).


Soul Retrieval- This isn't a stand alone service.  This will be the conclusion of the soul trauma energy work.  Shamans believe that when we suffer trauma part of our soul breaks away to lessen the potential damage.  Shamans enter into an altered state to retrieve those lost soul pieces and integrate them into the body.  What most Shamans offer is this as a stand alone service, I don't like that because if you're not spiritually healthy the soul pieces will not stick and it's a waste of money.  We have to heal the spirit first through the trauma work and make the environment conducive to the lost soul pieces.  There are a ton of symptoms of soul loss, including loss of vitality, exhaustion, not feeling like themselves or feeling empty.  Etc. 

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