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David D. 
Besides the physical benefits of the massage, the cord cutting ceremony was a powerful spiritual experience that I am still processing. The crystals, oils, heat and skilled touch combined with Natalie's care and blessings in a most helpful way that anyone would benefit from. Natalie is a very caring and talented teacher and I would recommend her treatments and practice to anyone seeking health, enlightenment, peace or strength in their lives.

Ashley W. 
Natalie is amazing! This was my first visit and I will most definitely be back. I originally went in for just a deep tissue, not even realizing she had a whole spiritual side to her business. She read things and knew things about me from just my energy, which was literally mind blowing for me! She really focused on all areas I went in for and others I didn't even know massage therapy helped. I will most definitely be looking into the more spiritual side next time I'm there. I highly recommend her!!

Barry S. 
Wonderful massage. She was very polite and professional. Very easy to have a conversation with. The atmosphere was very relaxing and quiet. My back and neck were very tense because of stress and I was already feeling more relaxed by the end of the day. Definitely worth it.

Wonderful massage. My back and neck were very tense. I felt relieved and light after the massage. Nana has strong and healing hands. Will definitely go back.

Shakira J. 
This was my first massage and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. She was very attentive and professional. We even had an insightful conversation throughout my massage. I will definitely be returning. 🙂

Gloria N. 
Natalie was amazing; she really knows how to give a good massage.

Elizabeth M.
This was amazing today! … It really makes you feel at ease. She was very pleasant & made small talk while working at some serious kinks. She really is a master at massage. So relaxing. I felt so mushy & pain free after. This is my third massage ever in life & by far the best. I plan on making another trip with my friend & seek more spiritual services along with another massage. Thank you Nana!

Michele g. 
Natalie is amazing. I had a wonderful experience. So much better than a 'corporate massage' chain. There was an instant connection and we opened up to each other, I think I learned as much about her as she did me. It was a lovely mix of mental and physical therapy. She found my problem areas and went above and beyond a basic massage to really work out my knots without causing me pain. If you have the opportunity to go, GO!!!! Thank you Natalie!!!

Stacy G. 
Beautiful environment. Natalie was very nurturing, making sure I was comfortable throughout the process. She was able to pinpoint tension in my neck, which I didn't even realize was the cause of my discomfort sleeping at night-even with a fancy memory foam pillow. She knew the origin in my neck and back and was able to work it out carefully and thoroughly. I think I was also able to release a lot of toxins, which hasn't happened in a massage for me before. I'll be back!

Kimberly T. 
In regards to the massage, I am feeling so much relief in my neck and back which often bother me. It was very relaxing. Natalie has a great spirit about her and made me feel very comfortable. The reading was an emotional experience because she was able to read so many things about me and my past. She truly gave me peace of mind about particular things in my life. I definitely plan on returning and would highly recommend…

Angelina G. 
I truly enjoyed my massage. I was way past due for one, but I was very pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt in Natalie's presence. I felt like I could share anything with her. She was easy to talk to and I enjoyed that as much as the massage. I look forward to my next visit.

Shedrick D. 
I have Groupon/Living Social hopped many massage places in Virginia. This is, by far, the BEST, most therapeutic massage I have ever had. I am completely sold, and hooked on her abilities. This is the first time that I have signed up to receive multiple follow-up visits after using a social media coupon.

Michelle L. 
I've been here since July looking for a perfect fit for me, Natalie is it (hope I spelled that right). I have a lot of stress and my body bears the brunt. She gave me the best deep tissue massage WITH cupping therapy (WOW) I haven't felt this good in ages. I will def make this a monthly ritual. Let me add with all the places I've tried in the area this was PEACEFUL.

Florence C. 
She is amazing. The power she carries with her in her profession is undeniable. I recommend giving her a try. You will be amazed at what you can see afterwards! Definitely will go again!

Gisela R. 
thanks Natalie great massage. feel great.

Sharon I. 
The whole experience was totally awesome and liberating. Thank you.

Brittany G. 
It was a great experience. Very peaceful. Natalie is a beautiful women inside and out.

Yvonne g.
I treated my mom to a massage and she LOVED it. She said she was comfortable and felt so relaxed and renewed after her massage! We will be back again!! It's like finding a hidden treasure before anyone else does!!

Lindsay E. 
Massage was so relaxing and stress relieving. Definitely worth the money spent.

Delane a. 
Absolutely the very best massage experience ever! Natalie is an exceptional and extremely generous massage therapist -- her healing massages left me feeling physically energized and spiritually uplifted -- mending both my bad back and my mind. She's very generous and giving -- providing additional time and healing products, all gratis. I most definitely recommend and will most definitely be a return client.

Vickie W. 
I felt awesome when finished. I highly recommend.

Karen N. 
I received a great service. This was a great massage and reading today. I enjoyed the process and my back and neck feel so much better than they did yesterday. Thanks for a great service! I will be returning.

Dee A. · 
Fantastic massage experience -- best massage ever. Natalie is an exceptional and extremely generous massage therapist -- her massages heal both the body and spirit. She generously provided more than allotted/paid for time and provided healing products at no extra charge! I definitely recommend and will return.
Lakita W. ·
I had a wonderful spiritual experience and will definitely return in the future. I highly recommend the services. And I'm referring any and everyone
Dee A. 
Fantastic massage -- Natalie is one of the best masseuses!
Ronald G. ·
Natalie will assist you with specialized physical and spiritual healing methods, a unique experience, I recommend highly
Dedrea C. 
Just go Its an awesome experience
Don P. 
Outstanding!! Natalie is superb. Definitely feel I had one of the best massages. Highly recommend.
Steven M. 
Natalie was very professional. The atmosphere was relaxing. The massage was very good. No pressure at the end to buy any further services

Susan R. 
It was a very comfortable and peaceful experience . I would recommend her services to anyone needing a massage or struggling with with some inner peace issues. She was kind , patient and very understanding. I will be seeing her again 

Shalima B. 
Very relaxing atmosphere and she made me feel so comfortable with the entire process I will definitely be pay her another visit!
Jason S. ·
best healing massage. I am looking forward to my next visit.
Tanya M.
AMAZING..on so many levels. I recommend this experience for anyone that is searching for support, guidance and answers.
Elhadji M S. 
Very thorough, it felt like everything was relaxed. A very professional treatment.Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Hedrick D. 
Relax - You have a professional at the helm, who will melt and knead the tension away.
Vilaykone S. 
One of the best massages that I have ever had. I would definitely recommend getting the massage from her.

Cheryl L. 
Wonderful hands & spirit. Left feeling great!

Tamika B. 
Natalie is truly a gifted person, you'll leave feeling 100% better than when you arrived.
Teresa K.
Very relaxing, I left there feeling like a new women.

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