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Remote Offerings
Life Coaching (also psychic readings)
Spiritual Mentorship
Psychic Gift Development


Journey of Self-Discovery: Embrace Your Shadows

A profound 6-month journey of self-discovery where you'll navigate the depths of your identity, transcend limiting beliefs, and nurture self-image. This course, takes you on an exploration of personal growth that will help shape you into the real you

Thos course includes a 2hrs weekly with me in a group format over zoom, where we discuss issues pr concerns that come up in the course.  We do energy work and learn how to better understand our gifts and our power. 


If you are looking for mentorship or to grow your gifts and heal- this is teh course for you.  

Important Information for all clients

If you are late or no show your appointment, I will be unable to reschedule that session.  If you have an emergency, please e-mail me and I may consider a reschedule or accommodation based on each situation.  If you need to reschedule, please let me know at least 12 hrs prior to the appointment.  I will not message you or call you to remind you of your appointment; you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder an hour before session.  


Please check connectivity prior to your session.  

If you are 10 minutes or more late for your appointment, it will be closed and the last 5 minutes will be forefitted.  

Please try to be on time, relaxed and still.  I can read you while you are driving, but moving energy is harder to read- please keep that in mind.

If you want a mediumship reading, please ask for that first.  I will not start a mediumship reading with only a few minutes to go.  It is unfair to you and the spirit being called in.  

There are no refunds on any service for any reason.


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